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The judgement
Nomination AvroTros van Gogh Competition.
Final final candidate, 20 entrants  of 3700 entries.
Exclusive Installation Artwork with the dimensions 3.5 mtr. wide  en  4.5 mtr high. The stretched form parts are fixed to the ceiling or truss system. The total area we used is 11 m2.
This  is visible from all sides, like a hanging sculpture.
From a distance a 3 dimensional representation is realized with an HD beamer. This is called video mapping. There are several images to add to the artwork to expand, so that you can go on endlessly. It is also possible to map from 2 sides. But it was decided to keep the other side as a white sculpture.
This has been featured extensively in the black box theater. This space has been made available by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Also the academy of Vincent van Gogh in 1886.

The Judgment is a multimedia mix design in an idiosyncratic jacket, with a 3-dimensional deepening of Vincent's colorful works and structures.
The photos show the passages from his letters to his brother Theo. They have been reassembled and fit into today's era. The images change subtly for the viewer, like a wink. Maybe from…?

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